WANDERSHOP - Silicone Gemstone Vibration Heating Facial Brush

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Bring the spa home! This silicone facial cleansing brush along with your favourite cleanser delivers a deep, effective, yet gentle cleanse to remove oil and dirt all while providing a gentle facial massage. Reduce puffiness and inflammation by placing the cool stone backing onto eye area. Alternatively, place warm stone on areas of face to improve circulation.


• IPX7 waterproof design 

• Standup suction base to stay on smooth, flat surfaces

• Soft bristle design for gentle and effective cleanse, suitable for all skin types 

• USB charge 

• Face massage with soothing vibration to temporarily soften lines and wrinkles 

• Bristles on side of head for skin corner cleansing 

• 5 modes of function 

• Light indicator for low battery level 

• Rose quartz or jade stone heating function - heats up to 45 degrees Celsius 

• Small, handheld ergonomic design 


How to use:

• Along with your favourite cleanser, wet face and hold power button to turn brush on and off. To change function, press M button once until preferred setting.

• For cleansing, massage face in circular motion, using side bristles on brush head for corners of face. When done, turn off brush and rinse brush and face with water.

• To warm gemstone, double press the power button quickly to turn on heating function. Once it is turned on it will be indicated by a faint red light. Place stone onto face, gently pressing stone on desired areas. Careful to not heat stone too much to prevent burns.

• For cold compression, place cold stone gently onto eye area or desired area. 


Size and weight: 14*4*2.6cm, 60 g